Best EVER Chicken Bhajiya

  • Prep Time
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time
    20 Mins
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Chicken Bhajiyas also known as Pakoras are that perfect, crunchy flavourful snack that is ready within minutes. What makes these special is that they are flavour packed and will keep you landing in for more! just Add in all of the ingredients, fry and serve warm. Can be served warm with Tea. 



This Recipe is Super Simple! In just a few steps your Pakoras will be ready in no time!

Step 1

To begin with Add in all of the spices to the chicken in a bowl

Step 2

Then Add in the Coriander and Oil and mix them well

Step 3

Once they have been mixed well add in the egg, stir that in well

Step 4

Now Add in the Semolina, Chana Flour, Bhajiya Khar and 2 crushed onions, mix them well

Step 5

Finally add in the water and give all of those ingredients a good mix

Step 6

Now we are ready to fry1 Grab a deep pan and fill it with oil.

Step 7

Using your hands or a spoon, grab bitesize balls and place them onto the heated oil. Be sure that the oil is not too hot before putting the bhajiyas in

Step 8

Allow to fry until golden brown and Enjoy!

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