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Here’s our buns recipe that we always use. They always turn out soft and spongy! Definitely worth a try. Making bread from scratch can sometimes seen intimidating but it’s not that hard! Try out this recipe!




Here's the step-by-step buns recipe that will give you the best, spongiest buns!

Step 1

In a large bowl mix together the flour, yeast, salt and sugar. Then add the ghee and oil and stir

Step 2

Crack the egg in and switch the stand mixer on a medium speed. (you could do this by hand but it will take longer)

Step 3

Gradually pour enough milk and water mixture in and knead (or if you're doing it by hand, keep adding the liquid until a soft dough forms) Once the dough is well kneaded take it out the machine and bring it together in a tight ball. Then place it seam side down in a bowl. Cover in cling film and a tea towel

Step 4

Let it rise for approximately 2 hours or until doubled in size. If you leave it in a warm spot it will rise faster!

Step 5

This recipe makes 12 balls depending on the size. Place your balls in a tray 1-2 inches apart and let them rise until doubled in size. Once risen, give the buns an egg and milk wash.

Step 6

Bake at 180 C for around 20 minutes or until golden brown, they should feel airy and light



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  • Fazila

    Mashallah.. perfect recipe for perfect buns

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