Traditional Gujarati Curry

  • Prep Time
    10 Mins
  • Cook Time
    20 Mins
  • Serving
  • Ready In
    30-40 Mins

This Gujarati Curry recipe is a traditional Indian style spicy curd mixture thickened using chana flour (Chickpea flour) . Curry is a creamy and mild Gujarati style dish which is perfect for the whole family.

This gujarati style curry is mainly enjoyed with a hot plate of khichri. It the perfect go to meal for a busy work week when you are super tired and want to whip up a quick but filling meal that the family can enjoy or for a rainy, gloomy day when you need a meal that is warm and comforting.

Curry has many anti-biotic properties because of the turmeric and fenugreek seeds. It’s good for when you have a cold, just pour some in a cup and drink it!

What is Gujarati Curry?

Curry is a yoghurt based dish that is the main staple dish in every Gujarati Indian household. This Curry is created using turmeric and green chillies. When it comes to enjoying an authentic Indian comforting dish, Curry is one that cannot be missed.

Served with some warm Papar (Poppadoms) made either on the fire or in the microwave will be the perfect meal.



    Here's the step by step method for making the best traditional Gujarati khadhi


    In a blender, blend together the first 11 ingredients but only using 2 tbsp of the yogurt. Once it has blended smoothly, add the rest of the yogurt and blend it well so all the ingredients are evenly incorporated.


    In a medium sized pan on a high heat, add in the butter and the oil.


    Then, add in the cumin seeds and the fenugreek seeds and let them fry for half a minute to release the flavours and aromas.


    Once the seeds have fried, add in the curry leaves and stir. Slit the chillies from the middle to release the flavours and add them into the pot


    Stir well and then add the curry mixture that you blended along with half a cup of water.


    It is really important that you continuously stir the curry until it comes to a boil. If you stop stirring, the curry will split resulting in not a very appetising dish!


    Serve with some piping hot Khichdi and a sprinkle of coriander! Enjoy

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