8 ingredients for the Perfect Mojito!

  • Prep Time
    5 Mins
  • Cook Time
    5 MIns

This classic simple Mojito recipe is definitely worth giving a try. With its Zesty, vibrant and fresh mint taste, it is great to experiment with at home leaving guests coming back for more! 




    The perfect mojito which guests will no doubt always come back for!


    Blend the cucumbers, mint leaves, sugar, lemon juice and ice together until it becomes a smooth paste.


    Add 1 sliced lemon into a jug with 1/4 cup of mint leaves


    Add in the blended mixture, the leftover ice and a pinch of salt- slightly crush the ice as it will help in releasing the flavours.


    Pour in the lemonade and 7-UP


    And.... ENJOY!

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    • Anonymous

      This is the best mojito recipe I’ve tried! Love this recipe!

      • Ruky Cooks

        Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed it. It’s perfect for the summer months!!

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