Achari Gosht

  • Prep Time
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time
    30 Mins
  • Serving

Achari Gosht is a must have dish which is made using very similar spices which many Indians use to make Achaar(Pickle). This dish gets all its unique flavours from the variety of onion seeds, fennel seeds and Kasuri methi. We actually have an Achari Chicken recipe too but we were requested if we could have a gosht recipe so of course we whipped up a quick and easy simple recipe for you all too! Although the ingredients may throw you off from making it, the cooking process is quite simple as you are just mixing all of the ingredients together pretty much!


Achari Gosht


    Here is the step by step method for this amazing achari gosht recipe...


    In a cooker pot, pour in the oil on medium heat and allow to warm up.


    Once warmed up add in the meat- We used 1 kg as we are feeding a large family but you could add how much you need and stir it in well.


    Then add in the ginger garlic paste and the fried onions and stir it well, till all the meat is coated in it.


    Now, add in all of the spices together and the kasuri methi and give it a stir to incorporate all the ingredients well.


    Put the cooker into the yoghurt and give it a stir.- You could use a spatula so it does not scratch the pot.


    Add in the tomato and mix all the ingredients in well. Add as much water as needed.


    Cover the cooker lid and allow to cook for 30 minutes


    Once 30 minutes has passed, be sure to remove all the gas from the cooker before opening the lid.


    Stir it again and add in the big green chillies-These green chillies are optional. They just help in adding a bit more spice into the dish if you would like it to be more spicy.


    Cover with a separate lid for 5 minutes.


    Finally, garnish with coriander. Coriander helps in adding a fresh taste into your dish and also brings in some colour.


    Serve and enjoy this amazing restaurant style achari gosht!

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