Simple Gajar Halwa – Carrot Halwa

  • Prep Time
    15 Mins
  • Cook Time
    30 Mins

Gajar Halwa is a classic Indian sweet dish which is bound to be found in every big Indian celebration, whether it be weddings or parties. It is one of the dishes which never fails to impress anyone!

Gajar Halwa tastes best with fresh carrots that are crunchy for the best flavour. Many Indian households will make this sweet dish in the winter as this is when the carrots are fully in season!

Adding in a whole lot of nuts makes this the perfect sweet dish to fulfil your post meal dessert cravings! To give this dessert a twist serve it warm, with vanilla ice cream on the side. 


Gajar Ka Halwa


    Here is the step by step method to make the most delicious Gajar Halwa..


    Firstly, pour the milk into the large saucepan and bring to a boil, whilst continuously stirring. This is so the milk doesn't stick to the bottom as burning the milk will ruin the flavour of the dessert. Ruky Tip- We always use a large pan because it is easier to work with and it allows the ingredients to be incorporated well


    Whilst the milk is boiling, begin to prepare the carrots. Peel and grate them ( We used 1kg of carrots before we grated and peeled them)


    Once the milk is approaching a boil, add in all of the grated carrots


    Once the milk begins to burn off, In a seperate pan, add in the ghee and nuts.


    Then add the sugar and nuts into the carrot mixture.


    Once most of the milk has burned off, add in the cardamom, salt and a pinch of saffron. By incorporating the salt, it can help in bringing out the flavours.


    Once the ghee begins to come up to the sides of the pan you will know that the halwa is ready.


    Serve and Enjoy warm with some Vanilla ice cream on the side!

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    • Zaynab

      Just tried this recipe and I absolutely loved it! The easiest and best recipe I’ve tried for gajar halwa! 😋
      Definitely will make this recipe again!

      • Ruky Cooks

        Awesome! Thank you for the review! Send us a pic and we can share it on our Instagram!

    • Anonomus

      Masha Allah, Excellent recipe for gajar halwa. Very tasty!

    • Anonomus

      Masha Allah, Excellent recipe for gajar halwa. Very tasty! Thanks alot for sharing.

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