Rookie Tips!

TIP 1:

  • Use fried onions for a quick curry. No time wasting for the red onions to cook when you could just get pre-fried onions from your closest store or fry them separately beforehand and you would still get a tasty result.

TIP 2:

  • Using freshly ground has been one of our biggest tips. It makes the food taste so much better and you can clearly taste and smell the difference. Your kitchen will smell so GOOD!

TIP 3:

  • Taste the food along the way! This is a great skill to have and if you always taste your food along whilst cooking, you make sure that the food will have the best result. Its great because you can taste if you’ve put enough salt or chilli in!

TIP 4:

  • Cook in a wide pot! We always cook in a pot that is larger than needed because it makes it so much easier to combine all the ingredients well. This way all the ingredients and spices will be evenly distributed in the whole dish. This applies if you’re just mixing in a bowl too, especially when marinating meat. You want to make sure that all the spices have been evenly distributed and incorporated into the chicken!

TIP 5:

  • Organise your cupboards. This may seem tedious and annoying but trust me, it makes such a difference. It makes the cooking time so fast and is so much more easier to see what you have and what you need to buy. No more rummaging through all of those annoying spice packets!

TIP 6:

  • Use heatproof silicone spatulas when cooking. We’ve bought a lot over time. The ones we always use are the Betty Crocker ones. Silicone spatulas make sure that you’re mixing everything through properly right from the bottom and sides of the pot! And another advantage of them is that they don’t scrape or scratch your precious pots!

TIP 7:

  • Wash your dishes whilst cooking. I’m sure we’ve all come across those times where we are cooking for so long and then when we finally finish and go to start clearing up, you’re bombarded with the biggest pile of dishes that came from nowhere! Even if its just quickly rinsing a mixing bowl, make sure you do it along the way. When it comes to clearing up you’ll thank yourself!

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